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2019 Babe Ruth Spring Registration for King Philip Players:

Plainville/Wrentham Residents register here:


Norfolk residents register here:


Middle School Division.  7th  grade eligible and all 8th graders

Junior Varsity Division. All 9th and 10th graders

Varsity Division. All 11th and 12th graders

$25 multi-player discount is available

Registration Deadlines:

A Late fee of $25 per player will be added after the deadline.

Middle School Division: March 1st

Junior Varsity Division and Varsity Division:  March 1st

**All players trying out for any area high school teams will have until after those try outs to register, or March 22nd.It is recommended to sign up prior to help with the team counts and uniform ordering.


Questions???  Please contact Bryan Weddleton, bryanw1733@gmail.com

Also visit our new Facebook Page: @MassasoitBRL




2018 Summer 19-21 Division Champs


2018 Summer 19-21 Division Finals

Bellingham and Plainville


2018 Junior Varsity Champions

KP Green Beatty

2018 Junior Vasrity Runner Up

KP Black Makudera


2018 Varsity Champions 

KP Gold Simmons


2018 Varsity Runner Up

North Attleboro




Make sure all fields are raked, dugouts cleaned and all trash removed after your games.



Jr High Blue   Mike Stern  508-284-5771
Jr. High Gold   Steven Block 508-463-8150
JV Blue  Scott Connolly 617-529-0718
JV Gold  Bob Bailey 781-844-9327
Varsity  Bruce Gardner 617-899-2012
King Philip      
Jr. High Green Scott Difiore 617.529.6811
Jr. High Gold Jeff Croke 781-789-4235
Jr. High Black Steve Hastry 781-820-9928
Jr. High Grey Brian McDevitt 617-901-1470
Jr. High Kelly Green Ken Cook 617-875-5408
JV Green Mike Beatty 978-771-1883
JV Gold Joe Machie 508-509-6784
JV Black Derrik Makudera 508-530-2300
Varsity Green Jim Shaffer 508 989 1282
Varsity Gold Joe Simmons 508-463-6595
Varsity Black Dan Wood 508-954-4969
JR High Mansfield 1 Jason Geddis 774-254-0056
JR High Mansfield 2 Bryan Rawlings 508-851-4790
JR High Mansfield 3 Scott Fichera  
JR High Mansfield 4 Mike Martin 617-388-0935
JR High Mansfield 5 JD McCann 508-545-7040
JV Steve Healey 508-339-3931
Varsity Mansfield 1 John Rivard 508-269-8469
Varsity Mansfield 2 Connie Fitzpatrick  
JV Dave Bamford 508.431.7948
  Joe Broughton 781-588-2198
North Attleboro      
Varsity Ray Lang 508-982-0021
Varsity Franklin 1 Marty Ryan 508-685-9638
Varsity Franklin 2 Tony Calderone 508-641-3698


KP Umpire Coordinator: 

Tony Leonard, 617-429-6355,



Recent Results
Field Status
"Booth Field, Foxboro" OPEN (3/22) 
"Pond St., Norfolk" OPEN (3/22) 
"Rice Complex, Horne Fie OPEN (3/22) 
Booth FIeld - Foxboro OPEN (3/22) 
Community Field - North Attleboro OPEN (3/22) 
FIeld of Dreams - Plainville OPEN (3/22) 
Fletcher 3 Franklin OPEN (3/22) 
Franklin Fletcher - Franklin OPEN (3/22) 
Franklin Remmington Fiel - Franklin OPEN (3/22) 
Franklin Tri-County - Franklin OPEN (3/22) 
Freeman Kennedy - Norfolk OPEN (3/22) 
Horne Field - Wrentham OPEN (3/22) 
King Philip High School - Wrentham OPEN (3/22) 
Mansfield East St Varsit - Mansfield OPEN (3/22) 
Mansfield East Street JV - Mansfield OPEN (3/22) 
Mansfield JV OPEN (3/22) 
Mansfield Memorial Park - Mansfield OPEN (3/22) 
Mansfield Otis Street - Mansfield OPEN (3/22) 
Mason Field OPEN (3/22) 
Memorial Park OPEN (3/22) 
Millis High School - Millis OPEN (3/22) 
Millis Town Park - Millis OPEN (3/22) 
North Attleboro Mason Fi - North Attleboro OPEN (3/22) 
Norton Middle OPEN (3/22) 
Norton Middle School - Norton OPEN (3/22) 
Otis St. OPEN (3/22) 
Payson - Foxboro OPEN (3/22) 
Pond St. Norfolk OPEN (3/22) 
Pond Street - Norfolk OPEN (3/22) 
Remington Middle School - Franklin OPEN (3/22) 
Remmington Franklin OPEN (3/22) 
Rice Complex OPEN (3/22) 
Richardson Field - Bellingham OPEN (3/22) 
Sharon High School - Sharon OPEN (3/22) 
Sharon Middle OPEN (3/22)